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Summertime (and cabin fever) blues

Well, summer 2011 has (unofficially) been here for approximately 100 hours, and I officially have summertime cabin fever.  Cures in the near future will certainly include a weekend beach getaway, and hearing and reading about the honeymoon of the century … Continue reading

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Top 5 Monday: Stretch your travel budget

Whether it’s a double-dip recession, recovery mode, or the burst-bubble effect, we can probably all agree that the dollars, yen, euros, pesos, or baht aren’t flowing as freely as they might have before. In these extra-stingy times, how can travel … Continue reading

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The Indian Experience, part 7 or 8

 Uh, hey there.  Although we’re starting off slow, 2011 is actually shaping up to be a great year for CCC, so bear with us and stay tuned for more great stuff! As mentioned in a previous post, my passport’s first … Continue reading

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This Week in Travel – January 28, 2011

India is Emerging as an International Sports Powerhouse.  It’s not just Cricket anymore. Tim Leffel Provides Tips for Packing Light.  The article gives some great pointers on packing everything you need for a two week trip into one carry-on bag. … Continue reading

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This Week in Travel – December 23, 2010

Tim Leffel living the dream as an expat in Mexico. Who wants to take a tour of Chernobyl? Next stop on the Cold War tour….CNN’s Wolf Blitzer checks out North Korea. A Christmas wish list for the airlines.  Amen, brother. … Continue reading

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This Week in Travel – October 15, 2010

Gotta love the “American Food” section in overseas grocery stores. On the death of the guidebook. 50 airline pilot secrets. Who’s down for a Florida Keys road trip? North Dakota as a tourism hot spot.  Really? Australia’s outback pubs.

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This Week in Travel – September 17, 2010

Our weekly look at travel around the web.  This week…cowboy airplane seats and beer! The new airline “saddle seats” aren’t gonna work out for the zaftig passenger. The Cranky Flier gets a wedgie in the saddle seats. American authors in … Continue reading

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