A short update of our travels

Wow, how long has it been since we have posted anything?  Too long.  Well I would say that it is because we haven’t been travelling much, but that’s false.  Leslie has recently been to Amsterdam, Prague, and Vienna, while Scott and I conquered Key West and went to Holland, Denmark, and Norway.  We have a lot to catch up on, so I’ll start with just a short top 5 list of my recent travels (in no particular order):

5.  Key West- All of it was great.  We stayed in a b&b and just hung out.  We had great food, including Blue Heaven, Pepe’s, and Santiago’s Bodega.  The Chart Room for drinks was like stepping back in time.  We rented jet skis and went around the island, and hung out on the beach.

4.  Queen’s Day in Amsterdam – It should be on everyone’s bucketlist to experience Queen’s Day.  It’s an all-day affair where you wear orange, drink grolsch/amstel/dommelsche/heineken, and either wonder through the streets admiring the lankets of crap people sell from doing spring cleaning or try selling your own crap.  Side note – best beer we had in Holland was the seasonal beer by Jopen in Harlem.

3.  Biking through small towns in Holland – We started in Alkmaar and biked through Bergen and wound up at the Sea.  We brought prosecco and had a picnic at the beach of crackers, cheese, ham, and chocolate.  On our way back, we stopped at a cute cafe for a beer to relax after the long journey.

2.  Taking in the sites – and rides – at Tivoli in Copenhagen.  There is an amusement park in the center of the city.  Think of state fair meets Epcot.  They have rides, country themes, and beautiful gardens.  We rode this swing ride and got to see the city; however the ride went so fast that it was hard to enjoy the scenery.  The best part was enjoying ebelskeivers and hot chocolate at the end of the night.

1.  Staying in a cabin in the fjords of Norway – We stayed in Aurland, which is a town of little consequence, but right on the water overlooking the mountains.  It was like being in a cold non-tropical version of the Maldives with our cabin right on the water.  The ferry picked us up at our doorstep and we took the ferry through the fjords for the day.

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