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Top 5 Monday: London Calling

Europe sure has been getting a lot of attention at CCC lately, but for today’s post my mind was preoccupied with my next trip, which is in just 4 short days, and includes 2 stops – London and New Delhi.  … Continue reading

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This Week in Travel – October 15, 2010

Gotta love the “American Food” section in overseas grocery stores. On the death of the guidebook. 50 airline pilot secrets. Who’s down for a Florida Keys road trip? North Dakota as a tourism hot spot.  Really? Australia’s outback pubs.

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Being a Chicago resident I am always looking for things to do in my neighborhood. The Department of Tourism just came out with a booklet on all 75 neighborhoods and all the attractions in them. Take a look!

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This guy and I should start a blog together!

After having a large and semi-comatose lunch, I stumbled on this article because I am trying to avoid doing actual work. This guy and I should start a “You know what really grinds my gears?” blog:

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Arabian Nights and other adventures in Jordan

This year my big contribution to my own quest was visiting Jordan for the first (and second) time. The country had been on my short list for quite some time, and especially since reading the autobiography of Queen Noor about six years … Continue reading

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Zapraszamy do Polska – Welcome to Poland

How is it Wednesday already? I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, but the good news is that it made the last two days fly by. Anywho….its globe spinning time again. I am such a nerd and love … Continue reading

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Top 5 Monday: European sightseeing

Whether it’s a Griswold family vacation, a grand tour after school is finished, or a regular old getaway, the European adventure is still one of the most popular travel itineraries.  Even with recent news that the governments of the USA … Continue reading

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