Summertime (and cabin fever) blues

Well, summer 2011 has (unofficially) been here for approximately 100 hours, and I officially have summertime cabin fever.  Cures in the near future will certainly include a weekend beach getaway, and hearing and reading about the honeymoon of the century from my fellow CCC bloggers after they’ve recovered from jetlag. (Congratulations, Scott and Kelly!)  For now though, I am contenting myself with globetrotting at my desk and thought I’d share my favorite tool for the activity – Kayak Explore (

After entering in a departure city, the site will display a world map with the lowest-price airline tickets.  To anywhere!  If you know you will have vacation time in a specific time period, you can refine the search up to a year in the future.  I have found it to be useful for everything from planning when to go home for a visit, to checking out last-minute deals, to dreaming of vacations I never would have planned.  For instance, today I could book a flight to Bermuda for next weekend for $240.  Or Panama City for a week for $330.  Or Ufa, Russia next February for $830 (Moscow is $1200, so comparatively a great deal). 

Imagining all of these possibilities makes the work week a tad less monotonous, and also fuels the never-ending travel fire.  So, happy exploring, travelers…and if I go missing next weekend, you can ask the Beach Boys where I went.

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