About the travelers

The D.C. Contingent

Leslie lives and works in D.C., checking countries off of her list with the help of a job in the international field.  Her personal quest began with the stories of her grandfather, an unofficial Century Club member.  After some student travel (Semester at Sea), post-college backpacking in Europe, and now scamming trips through work, she hopes to blow that old man’s record out of the water.  She subscribes to the “if it’s not here, I’ll go there” philosophy of travel and has never used a money belt.

The Florida Contingent

This is why we need to take more vacations

Kelly lives in Boca Raton, FL with Scott.  She used to travel the midwestern U.S.A for work, but now sits in her desk wondering where her next trip will take her.  She often listens to the Rick Steves radio show, wanting to jet off to the destination de jour.  She loves to try the local cuisine…and of course a refreshing beverage.  She’s had her luggage peed on in a hostel, and had to sleep in airports…but she’s learned to go with the flow with traveling, because those are the stories you remember most.

Scott lives with Kelly in Boca Raton, FL.  When he’s not busy lawyering, he enjoys adventures with the boat in the islands and beyond.  Scott also gets major kudos for introducing the idea for the quest to the group.  We salute you, Mr. Busy-lawyer-traveler-guy.

The Chicago Contingent

Lexie lives in the great city of Chicago, where she tries not to let the man get her down.  A “take it as it comes” traveler, Lexie has enjoyed her fair share of adventures, but also enjoys providing Andy Rooney-style commentary on the others’ musings.

3 Responses to About the travelers

  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Jeremy says:

    LOVE IT!!!

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