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The Indian Experience, part 7 or 8

 Uh, hey there.  Although we’re starting off slow, 2011 is actually shaping up to be a great year for CCC, so bear with us and stay tuned for more great stuff! As mentioned in a previous post, my passport’s first … Continue reading

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Top 5 Monday: What was I thinking?

Happy Monday, travelers!  With apologies for the slow week in posts (if Congress can have a recess so can we, right?), we are pleased to bring you this week’s Top 5.  When traveling in a new country it is always … Continue reading

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Oh, the places I’ll (hopefully) go

During this rather sleepy week at the office (back to school blues maybe?), I’ve found myself preoccupied with musing about future or planned travels.  Beyond dreaming about must-see destinations, this week my mind has been pondering some random travel-related thoughts … Continue reading

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Are you a Twit? Tweeter? Twitterer?

We can’t keep up with the correct term for the twitters that all the kids are using these days, but according to the Huffington Post’s Johnny Jet, if you like travel and are a Tweeter, you should be following these … Continue reading

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Tips for Responsible Travels

Over the years I would like to think I’ve been around the block. So I thought I would share a few travel tips from the blunders I made over the years. 1) Traveling with Kelly one time, she and I … Continue reading

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