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Books on tape…What is their deal??

Since I haven’t had anything bothering me the past few months I thought I would go back to my original musings. You know what grinds my gears?? Books on tape. I mean what is their deal?? You have to spend … Continue reading

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Marshall Islands, where is that?

Today I decided to pick another random country to write about.  I set off to spin the desk globe yet again, and finally landed on the Marshall Islands.  Another place that I’ve never heard of.   The island chain is near … Continue reading

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The Games in Delhi – Everything is Possible!

On one of my first trips to India a colleague introduced me to a favorite saying that sums up just about any subject in India – “Everything is possible!”  Horrendous traffic held up due to sheep crossing in the middle … Continue reading

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Fall Back

With a little nip in the air it can only mean one thing, fall is here. This time of year most start to dread, because it means winter is just around the corner. It’s dark all the time and everyone … Continue reading

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This Week in Travel – September 24, 2010

Windjammer cruises are back! Peter Greenberg on boating for free. Too much fun in koala land? It shouldn’t be a shocker that this hotel got negative TripAdvisor reviews. Tim Leffel on maximizing travel rewards. Forget Oktoberfest…Kelly’s dreaming about the Great … Continue reading

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Fruitcake City

As I was biking to work this morning listening to Van Morrison I saw a clown on stilts walking down Larrabee Street. He didn’t seem to be going anywhere in particular, I guess he just wanted to feel taller than … Continue reading

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Spin the globe to find….Madeira

Today I decided (either from lack of productivity at work or lack of productivity on the blog) to play the age old game of “spin the desk globe and see where to go next”. Since I’m not awesome enough to … Continue reading

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