The Quest

The true story of three friends and their individual quests to join the exclusive “Travelers’ Century Club

Like most good ideas, this one was born between old friends over a few beers while escaping the rain.  The friends in this case were drinking Casa beer in Morocco at Epcot, and discussing past and planned travels.  All agreed that our individual “bucket lists” of destinations were unlimited and widely varied, but joining the Century Club is a first step.  This totally pretentious and somewhat unnecessary club restricts its membership to those world travelers that have visited at least 100 countries.  While the benefits of membership seem to be mainly bragging rights, we agreed that this is a worthy starting point for a global checklist.

We’ll document each of our quests here, with some witty commentary from a few other old friends, a la Andy Rooney.  The rules are pretty simple and taken from the actual club – visit at least 100 of the approved countries (see list), which actually includes many not-quite-countries, but hey, we didn’t make the rules.

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