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Top 5 Monday: Dream Vacations of the Nerdy and Cutting the Talk

Happy Top Five Monday, travelers!  Although it has been a slow summer/fall adventure-wise at CCC, Kelly and I recently cured all of that with the arrival of our long-awaited Pride & Prejudice tour of Great Britain.  Faithful readers and anyone … Continue reading

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Summertime (and cabin fever) blues

Well, summer 2011 has (unofficially) been here for approximately 100 hours, and I officially have summertime cabin fever.  Cures in the near future will certainly include a weekend beach getaway, and hearing and reading about the honeymoon of the century … Continue reading

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Top 5 Monday: Stretch your travel budget

Whether it’s a double-dip recession, recovery mode, or the burst-bubble effect, we can probably all agree that the dollars, yen, euros, pesos, or baht aren’t flowing as freely as they might have before. In these extra-stingy times, how can travel … Continue reading

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Himalayan around

With all this talk of travel and helpful tips and such, it is always nice when we can actually add a new country to our quest.  In February, I had just such an opportunity and visited the Himalayan kingdom of … Continue reading

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The Indian Experience, part 7 or 8

 Uh, hey there.  Although we’re starting off slow, 2011 is actually shaping up to be a great year for CCC, so bear with us and stay tuned for more great stuff! As mentioned in a previous post, my passport’s first … Continue reading

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What to do in Kathmandu?

New country alert!  I’m leaving for a two-week trip to India for work today, and among the many reasons I’m excited for this trip is the fact that I will be adding another country to my list – Nepal. I … Continue reading

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One more thing…

Congratulations are in order for two of our own – Kelly and Scott.  If you happen to know these two lovebirds, be sure to send best wishes on their recent engagement.  Word on the street is that we can look … Continue reading

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