The Maldives – A First Impression

If you boil it down, there seems to be two types of travelers.  The first type of traveler is the adventurer.  This ADHD type is always on the go, hiking, biking, anything to keep the person busy.  The second type is the leisurer.  This person would be happy laying at the pool/beach all day long with nothing to do.  I thought I would belong to the adventurer group on our trip to the Maldives, and thought, “are we even going to enjoy being there a whole week with little else than the beach to occupy us?”  I was completely wrong on all accounts.  First, there are plenty of activities in the Maldives, from snorkeling, to night fishing, even touring local towns.  Second, I realized the second I saw the water that all I wanted to do for the week was float on my raft and nap in the water.  And thats what I did.

We stayed at the Conrad – Rangali Island, which we took a seaplane to get there.  That was an adventure on its own.  On a sunny day, you can see plenty of neighboring islands on the 30 minute ride.   We spent most of our time there just laying around in the water on our floats.  I have not seen a picture than can do the color of the water justice.  We were there in May, and the temperature in the water was perfect (mid 80s), although I doubt it changes much during the year.  They have a reef that is about 100 ft. from the shore, so that was a great thing to see without having to pay for an expense “excursion”.  There is so much sea life to see just off the back of your villa if you dont feel like venturing far from shore.  We saw a shark that loved to circle our villa..that kept me out of the water for a bit.

The only excursion we took was a sunset sailboat ride.  It was so great to get out into the water and get to see so many dolphins gliding by the boat.  And service on the boat was as attentive as on the island.  Champagne and appetizers were flowing the entire time.  And with only 8 people on the boat, with almost as many crew, we had a lot of private attention.

Even a foodie would be in heaven.  The food there was so fresh and delicious.  And in May, most of our dinners felt like private dinners with our own chef (which did happen one night).  The beef there was even better than I’ve had before.   And for anyone who is planning a trip to the island, the Koko Grill was our favorite of all our meals.

I know, I know….its far.  Well if you don’t go, you are doing yourself a disservice.  I can’t imagine a more serene, inviting, and breathtaking place to go to.  In the end, a week was too short, and I wish

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