Why the show, the Bachelor is a guilty pleasure of mine

I know you guys are going to publicly flog me for writing about this show on our blog, but I’m going to do it anyway.  I love the show, the Bachelor, which airs on ABC.  As you can guess, one of my favorite aspects of the show is the traveling.  I have to hand it to them, they go to some freakin awesome places.  Last season, I was pretty annoyed with Ali, but I kept glued to the show because I was curious where they would go next, and it never disappointed.  Not only are these people boosting their acting careers, (this season’s Michelle even has an IMDB page), but they get to go on these dream vacations on top of it.  Last season they got to go to Turkey (so jealous) and Bora Bora, among other stops.  This season they are going to Costa Rica, Anguilla, and South Africa.  Come on now! 

And not only do they go to cool places, but they do amazing stuff when they get there.  They repel down a waterfall, or spend the day on their own island.  No wonder these people break up once they get back to their normal lives…..3 weeks prior he was taking her on a $10,000 shopping trip and then whisking her on a helicopter ride through a jungle and then wine and dines her at a table surrounded by hot springs and palm trees. 

Can you believe there are even travel agents that focus on trips that were featured on the show?  What a great niche.  You know anywhere you go will be over the top romantic.  I would love to be a travel agent where I focused on these awesome, once in a lifetime trips!

And although I think the girls are all too good for this Brad character (as I usually do with the schmuck they have on the show), and if they met him in a normal setting, most of them (I’m looking at you Emily) wouldn’t give him the time of day,  the trips are definitely a good incentive to stay in the game as long as possible.  And I’m right there watching it and excited about where they’ll go next.

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