Downton Abbey – A short review

Downton Abbey

Ok, so Downton Abbey isn’t a real place, but neither was Pemberly, but that didn’t stop us from writing about it.  Downtown Abbey is a mini series that focused around the Crawley family in Downton Abbey… a fictional English town. 

The show starts off with the sinking of the Titanic…and the heirs to the Crawley estate go down with it.  The family was pretty bummed because the estate was then left to a family unknown…a third cousin who was (gasp) a working middle-class attorney.  The family schemed to throw their eldest daughter at him in order for her to keep her fortune and estate intact, which blew up in their faces when she told him off and wanted nothing to do with them.  Who knows if she’ll choose him in the end….. because season 1 has ended and season 2 has not begun filming yet.

The set and the clothing were amazing.  I would say the clothing was as interesting as on the show, Mad Men.  I kept thinking Rose DeWitt should have showed up for tea at any moment.  It didn’t hurt that the writing and acting were great as well.  The plot has a little something for everyone… love triangles, family drama, political unrest, and people overcoming great odds to make their lives better.

I’m such a nerd for these types of shows.  I was giddy as a school girl when Lost in Austen came out, so when Leslie told me about this new hit British mini-series, I was sold before I even knew anything about it.  Not only am I a fan of the double storyline of both the rich Crawley family as well as the staff that works so hard to keep the house running smoothly, but I also really enjoyed the scenery as well.  The house itself is astounding.  I can’t believe a place like that really exists.  The town is also really charming, and you get a good glimpse of that throughout the show.  I love the mix of fiction with real life events.  The automobile was still uncommon and when a telephone was installed in the house, people didn’t know what to make of it.  Even a swivel chair was something to marvel at.  As season 1 wound down, England entered the War (World War 1), so we’ll be seeing a big change in everyone’s lives in the next installment.

I definitely think this is a show worth watching, and if you are nerdy like me, you would want to see some of the sites where it was filmed.

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