What to do in Kathmandu?

New country alert!  I’m leaving for a two-week trip to India for work today, and among the many reasons I’m excited for this trip is the fact that I will be adding another country to my list – Nepal.

I always knew that Nepal is close to India (countries that share a border tend to be fairly close geographically) but while playing around on Kayak I discovered that the flight from New Delhi to Kathmandu is only 2 hours and pretty reasonably priced.  So I jumped on the chance, and in a few weeks I’ll get my first taste of K-k-k-kathmandu.

Most visitors to the Himalayan country are interested in wilderness trekking or climbing a la Mr. Hillary.  This probably won’t be the nature of my visit – mainly because I’ll only be there 48 hours, and also because I’m more of a National Park, running water type of outdoorswoman.  I am interested in seeing as much as possible and getting a taste of the local flavor while I am there, though.

Any suggestions on must-see places to see if you only had 48 hours in the country that has all top 15 of the world’s tallest mountains?  A few ideas I’ve come up with are:

  • Wander around the city
  • Visit Dhulikhel to catch some mountain panoramas and take some light strolls
  • Eat lots of daal bhat (Have I mentioned that daal is my absolute favorite food, and it just happens to be the national dish of Nepal?  I think I’m going to love it there already.)

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