How do you become a travel writer?

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if you had your dream job from when you were little?  My dream job when I was little was to be a fisherman, and while I’m glad that didn’t come true, I still sometimes think about some of my lofty aspirations that never came to be.  Ever since I was in high school, I wished I could have a job where I traveled all the time.  Not that I knew of him at the time, but I pictured I would be sort of like Anthony Bourdain minus the insane drug usage and the whole being on tv part.  I don’t know what would be better than traveling to cool places, seeing some off the beaten track stuff, and eating some delicious food. 

Although I didn’t get into that line of work, I still get to travel a bit….but 2 weeks a year just doesn’t seem like enough.  I read some pre-requisites on the Lonely Planet career page that they want you to be published first.  I have heard a great tip that I would like to pass on to all my fellow aspiring career travelers.  A good way to get published is to submit an article to your local newspaper.  I remember an editor once saying on the radio that of all the submissions 95% were international travel articles; however they were obligated to fill an alloted amount of space with local travel.  So if you are doing the math like I am, you only have to compete with 5% of the submissions for a chance to get published.  Plus, you can take a day trip and still be back for dinner. 

I have also found there is actually grant money for traveling.  Granted, you have to pitch a great and novel idea….but hey, its worth a shot. 

Anyway, good luck and let me know if you have any other tricks of the trade you would like to share.

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