Zapraszamy do Polska – Welcome to Poland

How is it Wednesday already? I’ve been a bit under the weather this week, but the good news is that it made the last two days fly by. Anywho….its globe spinning time again. I am such a nerd and love this game (almost as much as the world IQ trivia game). Although I loved the last two picks, I was hoping for a country that wasn’t a tropical island this time to spice it up. I was in luck….I landed on Poland. I am giddy as a schoolgirl getting to talk about this place. It has been near the top of my Go To list forever.

Pierogi meal

Every Christmas Eve, we celebrate our Polish heritage with a homemade pierogi and sausage fest. My grandma used to spend three days preparing for the meal, and no one can make pierogis like her. My mom and my aunt (very unsuccessfully) attempted to take the reins. They thought they would get up at 8 a.m. and start, except the flaw is that they started drinking wine at the same time. Four hours later, there were 2 drunk ladies in the kitchen and one poorly made pierogi. For those of you that do not know what a pierogi is, it’s a dumpling that is filled with a variety of ingredients. It can be savory, with cabbage, mushrooms, or potato, etc… it can also be sweet, with cheese, blueberry, and other such stuffing. My favorite is the cabbage. When you buy cheese pierogis, they are usually sweet, which I don’t like. My grandma used to make them savory though with bacon….wow, my mouth is watering right now. Anyway, Lexie and I have taken over pierogi making, and we are pretty good, so we have become the Christmas Eve cooks.

As far as population goes, the country has approx. 38 million people, which is the eighth largest in Europe. The country also has one of the most devout roman catholic population, as most of the country is catholic, but unlike countries such as France, most people actually practice their religion. Poland is like a mini U.S. in that they have everything from beaches, to mountains, to a desert. Poland has one of the highest amounts of lakes in the world. You really could see just about every type of landscape in Poland, so you would be doing yourself a disservice if you stayed in Warsaw the entire time.


The most popular places to visit are; Warsaw, Krakow, Wroclaw, Poznan, Lublin, and the historic site of Auschwitz concentration camp. I’ve never been to Auschwitz, but I have been to the Dachau camp, which years later still has a cloud of sadness and desperation looming over it. It was a moving experience that is worth going to.

Here is a sad fact for Poland, they work more than we do. In fact, they have the second highest average annual working hours in the world, working less than only Korea. We are number seven by the way. I guess that means that stores and restaurants will be open longer, so you will have more time to take in all the sites. 

Airfare is about $750 this spring from NYC, $850 from Chicago, and a whopping $950 from MIA. They do not use the euro yet though so you will probably be able to get a good bang for your buck on a hotel. dzień dobry (have a good day).

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