Marshall Islands, where is that?

Today I decided to pick another random country to write about.  I set off to spin the desk globe yet again, and finally landed on the Marshall Islands.  Another place that I’ve never heard of.   The island chain is near the equator in the Pacific….west of Hawaii.  I love islands, so this was another fun place to research.  Unlike Madeira though, it doesn’t appear to be as much of a tourist hot spot.  Better for us anyway, right?  I always like being a travel trailblazer….who needs to go where all the tourists flock to?

Since the islands are near the equator, it’s always nice and warm there.  So for all of you guys that are dreading the impending cold weather, you can imagine spending a week in this tropical paradise.  Another good thing about the island chain….they speak English.  The Japanese took over the islands in the early 1900s, and then the U.S. took it over in World War II.  The island chain now has their own government, but the U.S. sends money to the country every year to promote the economy.  Tourism hasn’t been a big help to the island, since it’s less than 10% of their revenue.  There are also less than 100,000 people who live here, so you’ll get to know locals at the restaurants and pubs pretty quickly.  Also, because of the diverse cultures that have settled here, you’ll find a vast array of cuisines, from local indigenous cuisine, to Japanese, American, and various asian restaurants.

So what is there to do there?  Well if you are the type of person that has to be on the go all the time, this place might not be for you.  The beaches and water sports are the big draw here.  The country brags that they are one of the fishiest countries on the earth, enticing sport fisherman from all over.   Because of the abundance of fish, scuba diving and snorkeling is also popular.  You can even picnic on your own private island.   How cool is that? 

Flights are a bit expensive ($1,450 to $1,650 depending on where you depart from), but most flights stop for a night each way in Honolulu, so it’s like you get a 2 for 1 vacation.  The Marshall islands are a hidden gem in the Pacific, so hopefully I’ll make it there one day before it becomes the next tourist hotspot, or celebrity retreat.

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