The Games in Delhi – Everything is Possible!

On one of my first trips to India a colleague introduced me to a favorite saying that sums up just about any subject in India – “Everything is possible!”  Horrendous traffic held up due to sheep crossing in the middle of the city?  Why not, everything is possible!  Don’t have a venue for a meeting taking place next week?  Don’t worry, everything is possible!

With New Delhi’s bid to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games (which kick off October 3), the city has had a chance to step onto the world stage of major sporting events and score a major coup for the local tourist industry as well.  Faithful readers may recall that I witnessed the massive construction effort firsthand back in July (a whole three months before the Games, why hurry?)  Recent national and international news has not been entirely positive, though, with delays in construction, reports of sub-par sanitary conditions in athletes’ accommodations, and allegations of corruption.  It has seemed that the Indian capital would have to pull out the ultimate “everything is possible” to turn the progress around.

Fortunately, with the Games less than five days away, it seems that the saying may ring true once again.  Current news reports are more favorable, with Indian newspapers quick to run stories about athletes that are pleased with the accommodations and the city.  Visitors will even get to sample the swank new international terminal at the Delhi airport!  (I am ridiculously excited about trying it out on my next trip.)

Time will tell how well Delhi fares as host for the Games, but speaking from my own experience trying to organize much smaller events in India, all things usually are possible, and the most successful path is usually to go with the flow and trust the signature head bob that says “trust me!”

Finally, in my absolute favorite news surrounding the Delhi Games, the preferred security team to deter dogs, monkeys, and other wild animals is……”super monkeys!”

In case anyone else is heading to the sub-continent during the Games, here is a great article from Lonely Planet on what to expect!

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  1. scottwfu says:

    Your headline made me think of this video:

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