Cruise ships just aren’t for me

I used to always look at cruise ships and think, those things aren’t for me, and so I’m still baffled how I wound up on a weeklong cruise to Mexico with my friend Allison.  I wish she would write about her positive experiences on cruise ships, as there have been many more since our trip….heck, I’d settle for her reading the blog, but I digress.  She would paint you a rosy picture of a non-stop party at sea.  And for some, it is.  I’m just not into it.   It was seven long days of mediocre food, bad nightly acts (why I thought they have Broadway style shows or even burlesque dances are beyond me), and seasickness…oh the seasickness.   

Allison should have skipped the whole plan from the onset, when I made her book our room closest to the emergency rafts.  I think I’d seen Titanic too many times.  When the day finally came, we got there, and I started to get into it.  I thought, Ok, how bad could it be?  I’m with a fun friend, and we’ll have a blast.  My family always had a boat when I was growing up, and I had never gotten seasick, so I had never taken seasick pills.  That was a big mistake.  From the second we stepped into the swaying hallways with no windows, I knew I was done.  Our room also didn’t have any windows (hey, we’re girls on budgets)….second mistake. 

I felt so bad for Allison who hit up the nightlife on her own….I could barely make it through breakfast.  Many people love cruises, but I don’t know if you’ll catch me on one anytime soon.  I think a riverboat cruise in Africa….or maybe the Amazon sounds a bit more my style, or maybe sailing the Mediterranean….but Carnival Cruise Line has seen the last of me.

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