Are tour trips worth it?

Have you ever taken a trip on a tour?  I was surfing the web today and stumbled on Rick Steves tours.  The tours are pretty varied in days and locations.  Some offer tours in one city, or one region, while others span Europe.  I definitely got sticker shock though when I saw the prices.  $2,795 for instance to spend 12 days in Bulgaria…..that’s right folks, Bulgaria.  I want to go to Bulgaria and all, but can’t you hire your own local to drive you around in his car for 12 days for $500?  I don’t know what could possibly be so expensive to drive the cost up that much.  I forgot to mention that airfare is not included in that price, and I don’t believe all the meals are either.  I was curious, are all tours this costly?  Who has 3-5k to blow?  I need to meet these people and maybe they’ll adopt me, and I can tour the world. 

Contiki caters to a younger crowd.  I don’t know how excited I am at the possibility of camping through Europe (like a vagabond) for 46 days, but the price starts at $4,329 a person.  I feel like that is expensive, but maybe that’s just me.  Can’t you rent an apartment and get a rail pas for a lot less?  I saw it was approximately $1,400 for an 11 day Paris, London, and Rome tour.  Hotel and overnight train was included, as well as 8 breakfasts and 2 dinners.  When you break it out per day, its $127 which now sounds like a steal!  I have a feeling you get what you pay for though.

Any thoughts on tour traveling?  I think I would just print out their itinerary and go it on my own.

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