College Co-ed

Have you ever played the hypothetical game of “if you could go anywhere, where would you go”?  Well, one person once told me that he would go back to school….not to class, just the first two weeks when everyone is having a good time and living it up.  I thought that was a clever answer because most people would say, “Italy” or “Thailand” or something. 

I’m trying my hand at something new, Spanish classes.  I’m so excited to go back to school.  Are Jansports still cool?  Foreign language courses were always one of my favorite classes in school.  I always took French, and with 8 years of classes I’m still not fluent.  So maybe Spanish is the class for me.  I like spanish food (give me a great pan of paella any day), I like traveling to Spain–Sevilla is one of my favorite cities I’ve been to.  I hope we get to try spanish food, or sample some sangria.


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