Who does this Paris Hilton creature think she is?

You know what really grinds my gears?… Paris Hilton. In case you are not in the know with celebrity gossip, this no-talent-ass-clown who looks like she stole her hair weave from the cast of Fraggle Rock, recently got arrested on felony drug charges. It gets better though, now dum-dum is trying to cover her tracks to get out of it. Saying the purse that had all the drugs in it wasn’t hers since it wasn’t a designer bag, and she thought the drugs were gum.

Really?…REALLY? This is the best your camp of PR reps can do? Obviously they’re also sick of your spoiled brat antics and want to see you in jail too. At least Lindsay Lohan got more creative with her excuses when she got in trouble. Remember the whole “I’m stuck partying in Cannes because someone stole my passport” fiasco? I think the best is that these party whores think the world has planned a conspiracy theory against them. Yes, it was the man on the grassy knoll who is making you look bad.

I just can’t believe she has been famous and in the public eye for so long! What has she done? Other than come up with the phrase “That’s hot” and flash her rank va-jay-jay all over town? Why had the public put up with this idiot? If that’s what the people want, then what happened to Pauly Shore? At least The Weasel was funny. Have you seen ‘Son in Law’?!

I think Tina Fey said it best, “Paris Hilton is a piece of sh**!” And there you have it, hopefully she will just fade away and we can all move on with our lives.

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5 Responses to Who does this Paris Hilton creature think she is?

  1. theoverworkedamerican says:

    Although you should remember that Lindsay pulled the same stunt with, “oh those drugs in my pocket aren’t mine, because these aren’t my pants”. Really….that is the most clever thing you can come up with? You might as well say aliens implanted a chip in your brain to make you do all this stuff.

  2. chicagolex says:

    Haha, celebutards….What are you going to do with them?

  3. Leslie says:

    Haha whoa Lex, whoa. I think this particular celebutard may do more than grind your gears! I do like how she was consistent with her excuses…she used the whole “it’s not my stuff, man” excuse the last time she was arrested too.

  4. radiantrants says:

    She’s a waste of good oxygen.

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