Oh, the places I’ll (hopefully) go

During this rather sleepy week at the office (back to school blues maybe?), I’ve found myself preoccupied with musing about future or planned travels.  Beyond dreaming about must-see destinations, this week my mind has been pondering some random travel-related thoughts which I thought I’d share in case they’ve occurred to anyone else.  **Warning: stream of consciousness blather follows.**

  • What’s the deal with Samoa? There’s American Samoa and regular Samoa, and they’re separate islands near Australia, but only one is a U.S. territory?  And what is a territory, anyway?  These are the things California public schools never taught me.  But fortunately today we live in a world with Wikipedia, and now I have learned that thanks to some sort of deal with Germany in 1899, American Samoa is an unincorporated territory of the United States, and not to be confused with the independent Western Samoa.  This means that the population of American Samoa are U.S. nationals but not citizens.  Good to know!  Side note:  I really want to go to Samoa…look at it in google maps!
  • Did you know that red wine and coke is a real cocktail?  Apparently I have been missing out on serious cultural education by not embracing the Real Housewives of New Jersey!  A frequent cocktail of choice for these high-class ladies, the “rioja libre” originated in Spain and is still a common drink there and in some Latin countries such as Chile.  My new Fall fantasy is to go to Chile and sample this drink with a nice Chilean red.  I’ll probably end up settling for a version whipped up by one of my local bartenders, but hey, a girl can dream.
  • Apparently, it can cost more to fly to Hartford than Barcelona???  I always knew airline prices seemed both arbitrary and fickle, but that just seems ridiculous to me.  I have a colleague who paid $950 for a round trip ticket to DC from Buffalo, NY.  Seriously?  No offense to Buffalo, but I can go to L.A. for $250 or even London for $650, so I’m thinking let’s just schedule our meetings there and save the company a few bucks.  Just sayin’.  Also, I miss London, let’s all go there!
  • This week a 14-year old Dutch girl set sail from Gibralter on a quest to become the youngest person to sail solo around the globe.  When I was 14 I had never been out of the country and my biggest ambition was to get tickets for the Alanis Morrisette concert everyone else was attending.  But I could totally have completed a circumnavigating solo sailing journey if I wanted to.
  • World Cup 2014, Brazil.  I want to go to there.

There you have it, incoherent ramblings for a Friday afternoon. Think it’s about that time…

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