For a fun travel experience, just look up…..north, that is

Our poor neighbor to the north has not gotten much love on our blog. What is it with Canada that makes us think it’s not special enough to talk about? Some think of Canada as being more of the same, but I have found my few adventures there to be unique to anything we find here in the U.S. From Montreal to Vancouver, I have really enjoyed my time in the great North.

I tried Escargot for the first time in Montreal. Who knew snails could be so yummy. We recently saw snails in our herb garden at home, but I doubt I’d have the same culinary skills as they do. I also loved how speaking French was the norm there. My year of French classes did not come close to preparing me for anymore more than,” Bon jour, je m’appelle Kelly”. Although I’m not the architecture buff like Lexie is, it was amazing to see the buildings and feel like we were in Europe.

Vancouver on the other hand felt very new, and fresh. It had a vibrancy to it that was infectious. I met up with a friend there and she showed me all around. Downtown feels a bit like Seattle, with coffee shops on every corner. You drive 10 minutes though, and you are transported to landscapes that are too pretty for postcards. We crossed swinging bridges far above the ground, where trees rose for as far as you could see. There was a waterfall, where people were taking turns jumping off small cliffs into the water. I felt that water….too cold for me, but it looked fun.

At night, everyone parties like its 1999. Youth hostels are popular there, which brings in a fun younger crowd to the city. Living in FL, it was a completely different experience. The city was only a short drive from Seattle, yet it felt very foreign. We hung out at night, then making an obligatory falafel stop at the end of the night.

Banff was yet different from both the previous cities I had been to. Banff feels like it s a town built by Disney…..too perfect and pretty to be real. From the town, you are surrounded by the nearby mountains that lure so many people there each year. I have to admit, we went during the summer, so I can’t comment on the skiing, but the city alone was worth the trip. And for those of you that enjoy a day of shopping while on vacation, you definitely won’t be disappointed by their top-notch selection of stores.

For those who have been to Windsor and were (rightly so)a bit let down by the city, don’t get discouraged. Canada is more than just hockey and the maple leaf. The people are really nice (and funny), the food is delicious, and the scenery can’t be beat, eh.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I do love our neighbors to the north as well, but thought this was a hilarious/timely portrayal:

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