The Great Wall is….well, Great

Long after my t-shirt has gotten more holes in it than swiss cheese, and the words of “I ascended the Great Wall” have worn off, I still remember walking along the Wall with the cold wind in my face. It was in December when we decided to take a trip to China. When we got to the wall, we stopped at the cheesy souvenir stand. I got a t-shirt, and Lexie got a Buddha bending over, grabbing his ankles, and sticking his junk out. You can climb the hill to the wall, but we chose the gondola instead. Once up there, you could see clearly for miles and miles. With our impressively authentic looking North Face jackets that we picked up the day before, we walked along the wall for about an hour. It was one of those moments when you thought, “Wow, I’m never going to do this again, so let’s live it up”. We tried making the Chinese guards laugh (not successful, but we did get a photo with a guard), tried to find Mongolia, and tried to see how far we could make it on the Wall….not very far.

The Wall was definitely a tourist attraction.  Souvenir shops and people trying to sell you anything from shirts to traditional hats line the path. In the end though, it was all part of “the experience” as one of those once in a lifetime trips.

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One Response to The Great Wall is….well, Great

  1. chicagolex says:

    We forgot to look for our China pictures in Minnesota last weekend! I just remembered.

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