Tips for Responsible Travels

Over the years I would like to think I’ve been around the block. So I thought I would share a few travel tips from the blunders I made over the years.

1) Traveling with Kelly one time, she and I decided to go drink in the terminal while we waited for our flight to take off. Big mistake. Apparently, we had been at the bar too long because when we got back to the gate the plane taken-off without us! So if your going to booze it, don’t loose it (your flight that is). And drink at a bar near your gate.

2) Maybe it’s because I’m getting old but I am starting to loose concept of time. I am generally a half hour late for everything. (Except getting to work, gotta make that dollar!) I would say about 95% of the time when I am traveling alone I am racing against the clock (thank God I’m training for a half marathon). I am that person you see knocking over old grannies in wheel chairs in the terminal because they are in a mad dash. I am the one you give dirty looks to because they are the last ones to finally get on the flight. So when traveling, I suggest adding an extra hour to what you “think” will be enough time to make your flight.

3) For international travels, the only liquids I recommend you to bring in your carry on is booze. Hey, it’s a long flight, you gotta make time pass by somehow, and those airline cocktails don’t come cheap! On a trip to Germany, my friend and I filled our quart-sized bags to the brim with 1 oz. liquor bottles. This made the in-flight movie of “Mamma Mia” bearable.

4) I get cold easily, but am a bit of a germaphobe so using the airline blankets aren’t an option. My solution is bringing a scarf or wrap to keep me warm. It’s fashionable too which is a plus.

These are just a few things I can think of off the cuff. If you would like to add on feel free!

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One Response to Tips for Responsible Travels

  1. Baby-J says:

    I drove for hours looking for those little bottles. Totally worth it.

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