Hull Bay: My Favorite Beach in St. Thomas

Hull BaySt. Thomas is one of the most visited islands in the Caribbean.  It is not uncommon for three or four cruise ships to be anchored in the harbor at Charlotte Amalie.  Thus, the famous beaches at places like Maegan’s Bay and Coki Point can quickly fill up with truckloads of drunk Carnival-cruising douchebags.

In my opinion, the best peaceful beach on the island is located at Hull Bay.  Hull Bay is located one beach to the west of Maegan’s Bay.  First of all, it can be a challenge to find the place.  The twisty mountain roads of St. Thomas are not well-marked, and there is not “tourist trail” signage to Hull Bay.  Because it’s not on the cruise ship itinerary, some cab drivers may be reluctant to even take you there.

Simply put, Hull Bay is everything you would dream of in an island beach.  The beach emerges from a forest of tropical trees.  The beach has plenty of white sand and a relaxing vibe.  If you go on a weekday, you might just be the only person there.

The waters of the Caribbean Sea are clear and bright blue.  Hull Bay is protected from the elements in most weather conditions, so there won’t be strong currents or high surf to contend with.  Bring your snorkel: there are rock formations and coral along the right side of the bay.  Last time I snorkeled there, there were heaps of tropical fish, and we even got to swim with a sea turtle.  Organized kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba trips are given by Homer’s tours, located on the beach.

To take a break in the shade, the beach is also home to the Hull Bay Hideaway, where you can grab lunch and a couple of cold beers.

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