Fashion: Cycling Attire

I like to think I’m pretty fashion forward. I read W and Vogue and work in a design based field. So I think I’m pretty open minded to an eccentric wardrobe. But sometimes it can be too much for me. What do you need all those grommets, spikes, and denim vests for? Are you planning a barroom brawl later on? Oh for God’s sake, less is more people.

I read on Vogue’s blog some styling ideas for biking around town. Some of this stuff is absurd. Case in point this:

When I’m zipping around the city (my bike’s name is Black Mamba) the last thing I would want is some floppy headpiece blocking my view. I gotta focus on avoiding potholes and cars! I’ve seen a car door open on a friend of mine as she was biking by so my priorities are more focused on safety rather than looking cute. And since it’s hot out so your goin’ to be sweatin’ to the oldies. So why would you want to wear anything other than something with spandex in it?

I guess I’m trying to say is I can’t wait for minimal fashion to become popular. I could go on more, but I have to bike off into the sunset… Wearing regular gym clothes.

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