My creep friend Greg Brown told me he wouldn’t read our blog, unless I wrote something about him.  So fine, I will type up a little diddy in a shameless attempt at getting a reader.

More often than I should, I sit at work wondering where I want to go next.  I asked Greg where he wanted to go most, and he said he wants to go to Amsterdam.  I don’t know if he is lured by the shining red lights, or the sweet aroma of the coffee shops, but he is set on going there at some point in the future.  My friend Leslie has lovingly said she went and got Amsterdamaged so I thought I would share some highlights of the city.

I stayed there for a few weeks once with Larissa, whose uncle has a hotel in the heart of the city.

amsterdam canals at night

We never made it to the red light district, or the coffee shops, but we did get kicked out a casino that we swear was run by the mob.  She introduced me to the croquette that was served with mustard at the corner store.  We roamed the streets for hours, and took the trem to her grandparents for delicious food and watched american soap operas.  We made friends with the homeless guy, who had been there ever since Larissa could remember, and often shared great stories with us.  Even though I’m not a shopping person, there were great shops in a pedestrian only area that provided endless sights.  At night, street performers came out entertaining anyone who would watch.  Some would lure you in….I did not want to know what the woman would do with the banana in her show, but its Amsterdam–anything goes.

Amsterdam was more than just a city I visited, it became my home for a short while.  We traveled around Holland visiting her family, and were treated like family by the staff at the hotel.

Our digs at Hotel Brouwer

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3 Responses to Amsterdamage

  1. brown town says:

    I initially took offense to the creep comment, but that all changed when I realized that I actually was interested in the lady’s banana trick. It kind of sucks to learn such a life lesson from a blog.

  2. Allison says:

    I had a former colleague who had a few drinks and informed our Boss all about the lady with the banana. Our boss was a bit embarrassed by the entire encounter, methinks.

    Also, I asked my husband “Can we join the Century Club?” and he said “If we can afford it, thanks a lot LESLIE, costing me money!” haha

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