Jost Van Dyke: A quiet slice of the British Virgin Islands

Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is one of the smaller inhabited islands of the British Virgin Islands.  A short boat ride away from St. John, St. Thomas, or Tortola brings you to the tranquility of the island.

We rented a boat in the Red Hook neighborhood of St. Thomas to begin our journey.  From there, we crossed the straight and ran parallel to St. John, then hit the open waterways to Jost.  From a distance, Jost appears to be a small, green mountain protruding from the blue ocean.  As you approach from the south, the harbor “town” of Great Harbor appears.  The police station and custom house are here, nestled in a protected harbor with a small white sand beach.  There are a smattering of restaurants, grocery stands and other local businesses.

Jost’s most famous establishment is Foxy’s bar.  Located in Great Harbor, to the right of the dock, there are plenty of picnic tables situated in the sand.  Live music is played from time to time, and food is available.  Foxy’s is notorious for its New Years Eve party, drawing thousands of revelers to this otherwise peaceful island.

My favorite establishment, however, is Foxy’s sister bar on the opposite side of the island, Foxy’s Taboo.  There is a small dock and tables are right on the waterfront.  The food was excellent!  I highly recommend the shrimp kebabs with sweet chili sauce.

We finished our day at Jost by sailing back around to the south side of the island and dropping anchor in White Bay.  Dozens of other boats had also parked along the shoreline by the time we arrived, and there was quite the festive atmosphere.  White Bay is known for the “Soggy Dollar Bar.”  The establishment got its name because there is no dock at White Bay, and therefore its patrons must pay with wet greenbacks.  We spent our time at White Bay in the most peaceful way possible: floating in the bright blue water, sipping on cold beer from our boat’s cooler.

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