How come all the reality T.V. stars get all the fun?

You know what grinds my gears?…
These reality T.V. “stars” that get to go on whirlwind trip to exotic locals. I’m not going to lie to you though, I love reality television. It comforts me to think that my life is not a complete train wreak. Case in point, ‘The Bachelorette’. I got sucked into this show because of the all ridiculous famewhores who would do anything to get camera time. I mean how many of these guys had girlfriends back home? Aren’t the producers of the show supposed to do some kind of background? I guess being an upstanding individual is frowned upon in the reality dating world.

Moving on, Ali, the bachelorette, took her boos and all 10 pounds of her Britney Spears reject weave on a whirlwind trip around the world. (Side note, what is with that hair?! I was shocked people let her go on T.V. looking like that. Isn’t she supposed to have stylists primping her? Honestly, where did she buy that hair? In the back alley behind the discount wig shop?) They went from Iceland to Turkey to Lison to Bora Bora. All the while she found “amazing” qualities in all of these douche pickles and would usually have a difficult time choosing who would be best for her. But in the words of the great Jack Donaghy, “You can’t delude yourself into thinking you can combine them into one perfect person, like a Smore you can take a shower with.” And ultimately she had to send the boys packing.

When she was down to her final three, Ali was in Bora Bora. They stayed at the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora.The resort is a popular honeymoon spot set into a curve of white sand and lava rock plunk in the middle of paradise. Each villa suite had a private balcony for each contestant to stare longingly into clear blue waters. I know Ali and the boys were supposed to look pensive and confused about their feelings as the cameras panned around them but most of the time they mainly looked constipated. I guess they took some acting lessons from the cast of ‘The Hills’.

Unfortunately for Ali, one guys was still in love with his ex-girlfriend and SPOILER ALERT! she sent one of the other remaining guys home a day before the final rose ceremony. Honestly if I were her I would have made some excuse about not being able to make up my mind and needing a few extra days spent in the sun deciding who I would pick as a future husband. But the dummy obviously doesn’t have the same ideas as myself, so whatever, her loss. In the end she choose her man and he got down on one knee and proposed. I give them two weeks. In the end I learned from this show the best way to travel is to sell out and go on reality television. Where do I sign up!? And there you have it, a minute with Lexie.

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