St. Thomas and BVI—First Impression

The weekend flew by.  I left Fort Lauderdale at noon on Friday and we were back by 7 p.m. on Sunday.   The trip was great.  We went snorkeling, I laid out on my own (very small) island, and took in a great reggae concert.  We even got a bunch of free stuff, and man do I love free stuff.  The Board of Tourism gave us great beach bags and included dining and shopping certificates for the island.  We ended up getting $350 of free stuff….worth the trip alone.

The best part of the trip was chartering a boat for the day.  We went all over St. Thomas (my #22 country), and over to the BVIs (#23 country).  I had an absolute blast sipping on Presidente and lounging in the water most of the day.  The water is just like the postcards….crystal clear aqua water that was perfectly warm.  Everywhere you look, there was a picturesque view of mountainous islands in the distance.  We ate lunch at a great spot, Foxy’s Taboo.  The place was only accessible by boat, and you felt overdressed if you wore shoes.

Even though I’m not the biggest snorkeling fan, I had the best time seeing dozens of starfish the size of a basketball.  They were beautiful.  I wanted to dive down for one, but I had a feeling I’d run into an issue at customs….oh well.  I could sit here and talk about all the things we did and ate, but frankly I’m still exhausted from all of our adventures.

I easily knocked out 2 countries this weekened…I wish it was always that easy to jet off to a whole other world.

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