“Is this one of those Irish doors?”

By far my favorite drunken quote my sister has said to me over the years! More on that in a bit. Kelly and I arrived in Dublin, Ireland after a week spent in Paris. I was ready for a new country, don’t get me wrong I LOVE Paris. It is one of my favorite cities in the world, mon petit chou if you will. (Translation, my little cabbage, the French have a thing for nick-naming their loved ones after food) Soon though the language barrier wore me out (four years of French and I still have trouble saying anything more than “Je voudrais…”)So it was off to Ireland! The land of beer and sheep. We arrived in Dublin, dropped our things off at the hostel and went out to see the city. It was everything I had anticipated, fun and inviting locals, beautiful and historical architecture, and everything was in walking distance from where we were staying.
After a few hours of getting our bearings straight in the city it was time for a drink. And another. And “Ohh yes, we would love to go to a night club!” Then, “Your going to another pub you say? We’re there!” One side note to mention that we learned from the locals was that bars are supposed to close at 1AM. Usually though if your in the bar before then and you play it cool, the bartender with draw the shades so the cops don’t see you inside and you can drink for as long as you like. Which is what we did. Finally though it was bedtime for bonzo. It should also be mentioned now that in Ireland there are trick doors where you have to turn the lock while you are pulling open the door. I guess it’s supposed to give you extra security in that your door is always locked, who knows for sure though, it’s a damn nuisance if you ask me. It would be easier breaking into Fort Knox than any place there! I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this, as Kelly gets to the door and tries to pull it open the door wont move. After nearly pulling the handle off, I try to help twist the lock, but still nothing happening and now were making a scene. After a few minutes of no luck and looking like your typical “stupid American” Kelly blurts out “Is this one of those Irish doors?!” to which the bartender informs us the door is dead bolted and we need to exit through the side entrance.
That night pretty much set the trend for the rest of the trip. We explored the cities, kissed the Blarney Stone, and I became an official Irish Whiskey Taster! It’s true, I have a certificate and everything from the Jameson Distillery! Kelly and I recently racked our brains to think of the food we ate there but sadly we only remember the drinking. I remember spending time in a McDonald’s trying to figure out what city to go to after Dublin and maybe a few fish and chips with curry sauce, but not much other than that. Sorry. All in all I would highly recommend going to Ireland. It was incredibly exciting and beautiful, and never a dull moment. Just make sure to get a lesson on how to open those doors before you go!

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