My top 5 Restaurants in the U.S.

I loved Lexie’s picks so I decided my own top 5.  I felt like our country got the cold shoulder though so I decided to make a list of my favorite places in the U.S.  I couldn’t pick my favorite so these are not in order.

 112 Eatery – Minneapolis, MN.  The high-end food was not pretentious at
 all.  It was comfort food that I never had thought of before as being
 comfort food.  I loved the carmelized root veggies and the charcutterie

 Chicago Pizza Oven and Grinder – Chicago, IL.  Pizza pot pie in an old
 setting.  Wood booths and the guy that takes your name doesn’t write it
 down…he remembers your face.  And I love the mediterranean bread!

 Whales Rib – Deerfield Beach, FL. Best clam strips I’ve ever had.  Plus its
 a complete dive.  They also have rock shrimp.  Only bummer there is the key
 lime pie….Scott’s dad makes it much better….oh man, I’m craving that pie
 right now!

 Jack Frys – Louisville, KY.  I went three times in three weeks.  Never had
 anything less than amazing.  American food but perfectly executed.  I had a
 filet that disappeared before my eyes.  And the veal chop was just about
 fork tender.  The atmosphere was also true to the city, a southern
 charm with a three-piece jazz band and large black and white checkered floors and black and white photos on the wall.  Easy to spend 3 hours there
 and not even know it.

Slows BBQ – Detroit, MI.  I know….Detroit?  But OMG….it was soooooo
 good.  Even the smoked chicken wing app. was mouth watering.  The pulled
 pork and baby back ribs were soooo flavorful.  Also loved the mac n cheese.  Brady took the best picture of the meal (to evidence our gluttony), and since I don’t have that, this will have to do.

My runner-up in the pizza category is Piece Pizza in Chicago.  I know….both pizza places in Chicago aren’t Chicago style pizza.  I love that style too, but these places are really sooooo good. 

I salute you United States of America for giving me so many great spots for a delicious meal. 

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