Top 5 Favorite Place to Eat!

I enjoy lists. That said, I thought I would make a top five list of my favorite places to eat. It’s in no particular order since I am bad at picking a favorite.
1) Avignon, France – La Vache à Carreaux(The ULTIMATE Cheese restaurant) – Kelly studied in the city and when I visited her we tried to get into this amazing restaurant she always talked about. It’s all cheese all the time! What could be better!? Sadly, when we went they were booked for the night. Years later I went back to Avignon specifically dine there and let me tell you it was worth the wait! My favorite was their cheese plate. Sounds simple, I know, but it consisted of 12 different out-of-this-world cheeses that did not need anything added to them.
2) Chiang Mai, Thailand – Curry Cooking class, at the Four Seasons Hotel – Even though I am not a huge fan of cooking, this was probably one of my favorite all-time traveling experiences. It consisted of spending half a day cooking the most delicious curries imaginable (specified more in Kelly’s post on Thailand). My favorite hands down was the coconut curry with chicken.
3) Germany – Being a German girl naturally I love the food here. And of course being the boozehound I am, I loved any and every beer that was put in front of me here. Recently, on a school trip we stayed at an orphanage (long story) and I have to say it was nothing like what you would expect if you read Oliver Twist. Every meal was a 5-course event! Lunch would start out with a salad topped with a plethora of pickled items mixed in. Next came the soup, they had a cream of mushroom soup that was out of this world! It would have made the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld jealous. Next came the main course which was never a typical schnitzel, then followed finally by dessert.
4) Beijing, China – There was a restaurant we went to that had the most amazing spicy green beans. I enjoyed all the food while in China, most notably the Peking Duck, but these beans were really the bee’s knees for me.
5) Throughout Europe – I’m going to make a statement, it’s a little bold but I’m going to put it out there anyway. Orange Fanta in Europe is by far most amazing beverage ever! I would choose it over any beer, and for me to say that is a lot! I don’t know what drugs they put in it but I’m a total crackbaby for it. I’m hooked and as soon as I step off a plane in Europe the first thing I need to do is get a Fanta. I literally gorge myself on this stuff. Don’t ask me why. But the next time your there you think you can you pick me up a case of that stuff? Thanks.

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3 Responses to Top 5 Favorite Place to Eat!

  1. theoverworkedamerican says:

    I’m a rebel and preferred the Lemon Fanta…..Orange was great too though. My worst soft drink experience in Europe was Mint flavored Perrier…..they tricked me! I thought it was going to be so yummy and didn’t know I’d be drinking sparkling mouthwash.

    • chicagolex says:

      Gross I could not imagine fizzy mint water. Although, after drinking that disgusting soda at Epcot that was from Italy I know there are worse things out there. Ughh, why was it so bitter!?!

  2. Katie says:

    Pineapple Fanta. Hands down.

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