When is this Recession supposed to end?!

You know what grinds my gears?…
People who think they are so crafty with saving money during this recession. Yeah, times are tough, but we’re not stupid. I read other blogs, magazines and various other media of how to save your money thinking they may have a few tips to save that I haven’t thought of. But most tips are either no brainers, really I can save $5-$8 a day by just bringing my lunch to work!? Who knew! Or just absolutely disgusting, ladies would you really want to crochet tampons? I want to do that thing rich people do where they turn money into more money.
Since I have been on a budget way before this economy went into the toilet, I would consider myself Old Poor. This means I show a little class when it comes to saving money, unlike those New Poor people. (Yes, this is a Sunny in Philadelphia reference)http://www.sidereel.com/It%27s_Always_Sunny_in_Philadelphia/season-5/episode-3
One tip I would like to pass on that has helped me through the years is dating.
So I date, maybe more than the average American girl. But, I live in Chicago, known as the Single City, so don’t judge me. That said, dating is not only great for meeting new people, but for getting some free drinks/food/entertainment. Interested in trying out a new restaurant? Ladies, hint to your new guy that you were wanting to check it out. Usually the guy is thinking less with his brain and more with his you know what, and will happily oblige to whatever you suggest. Even if you don’t find your Prince Charming, you at least get to have a night out. I mean it is the summertime after all and who wants to be stuck at home because they are watching their budget during this nice weather!? So ladies, start batting those eyes, or get on the interwebs, and start meeting those men! And there you have it, a minute with Lexie.

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