Globetrotting at my Desk

When I am at my desk and don’t see the light of day for 9 straight hours, I get so restless. I start thinking of faraway lands, and how I really need to win the lottery so I can travel around the world. It always comes down to money or time though. I hate that. A coworker recently told me that when he was younger, he wanted to travel around…maybe spend time in Europe, or possibly the Caribbean. What stopped him? “Money”, he said. Now he has been here for nearly 30 years. He said, “it’s funny because when I was young, I had all the time in the world to travel but I didn’t have any money. Now I have the money to do it, but can’t find the time”. I wish I had a solution to this, but I don’t. Day in and day out, I come to work, sit in my cubicle, and have little time to do anything else. The idea of weekend trips sound fun, but it’s very limiting on where we can go. Like I said, I don’t have a solution to my travel woes (still waiting to become a lottery winner), but I have discovered a couple tips that has seems to quench my thirst for globetrotting.

First, I love watching Rick Steves’ Europe TV show. I don’t know if you can, but I definitely cannot watch TV at work. He also has a weekly radio program. On his website, ( he has every show archived and is free to listen to. My computer plays it instantly on Windows Media Player. In seconds, I’m listening to stories of traveling in New Zealand, to French Faux Pas….and not to miss beer and wine drinking in Europe. Every week, he has guests on his show to discuss different countries and cultures. He also has other travel writers on the show to share their journeys with Rick. Inevitably, I have planned trips (in my head at least) to just about every place that has been discussed.

You are going to think this next tip is pretty lame, but try it. I’ve taken trips while still at my desk. I’m not kidding either. Thank you, Google Map – Street View. Like the U.S., Google Maps has done a great job covering Europe. At first, I reminisced over places I’ve traveled to. First stop was Avignon, France. I spent a semester there in college and would love to head there right now…unfortunately I can’t. I could stroll down the streets like I would have, and saw my favorite Cheese Restaurant and the Boulangerie when I would buy my daily baguette (and only half would make it to my flat).

Once a week, I would pick a new place and discover the city. I’ve never been to Viterbo, Italy —but after a Rick Steves episode, I HAD to see what it looks like. Wow, it was beautiful, and the camera was there on a day where colorful vintage race cars sped through the winding cobblestone streets.

I wonder where my next adventure will be! Let me know if you have any “at work” travel tips.

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2 Responses to Globetrotting at my Desk

  1. chicagolex says:

    Avignon is ranked as one of the top foodie destination spots! Sadly, they don’t give the cheese restaurant a shout out.

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