Bangkok, not your average city

To go off of Kelly’s post I thought I would mention an interesting event in Bangkok. This part of the trip happened before the elephant wrangling, and just after having a flight crisis in Japan (long story, probably best saved for later). So we arrive. Finally! First things first, get to the hotel and settle in. We are staying at Siam City Hotel, which puts any Four Seasons or Ritz Carlton a run for their money.

When we first got to our room we thought there was a mistake. We opened the doors to a grand and opulent 2 bedroom suite that would impress any Mariah Carey-esque diva. But it was only $100.00 a night! After lounging around in our sweet digs we decided to go see the city. After a few hours of meandering through the cities various street markets where they sold everything and anything. (I purchased some crepe paper lanterns, which were everywhere. Have I used them since I got back home? No. But they were $2 so I thought hey why not?)
It was time for the main event, Thai boxing. We got to the arena and began our adventure. We had no idea there was a whole process at the beginning of every fight. There was a ceremony of dancing, praying, and thanking the spirits before every match. Let me tell you, after the first 8 fights it got a little tedious, but it is their tradition so I’m not going to knock it. The first few fights were pretty uneventful, I know Kelly and I were looking for blood and these guys were just batting each other around like cat toys. Finally something happened. One fight was starting out like all the others then all of a sudden you see something drop from one of the fighters onto the mat. It was his cup. You hear a simultaneous gasp from the crowd. It was more shocking then when Justin Timberlake whipped out Janet Jackson’s boob at the Super Bowl! Apparently watching men beat the living Christ out of each other is less horrific then seeing some sporting equipment get whipped out. What I found shocking was his coach getting in the ring, pulling the fighters pants down and securing the cup back into it’s original place. The match went on and I’m pretty sure the embarrassed fighter lost, I mean who can come back from that really?! After that, we stayed for a few more heavy weight fights to see some real beatings, but jet lag was set in and it was decided to call it a night and head back to our swanky palace.

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One Response to Bangkok, not your average city

  1. theoverworkedamerican says:

    How could I have forgotten about the cup incident? And remember the place we went to that had really cheap curry and karaoke? Nothing beats $1 curry bowls and bad singing.

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