Another drop in the bucket list

I have been told by Kelly to add my bucket list because I am the only one left to do so. I had to think quickly so sadly I am unoriginal and pretty much have the same list as everyone else.
1.) Kenya-I would LOVE to go on a photo safari! When I was younger I wanted to be a zoologist because I was so interested in wild animals. To this day I still enjoy spending a day wandering around Lincoln Park zoo watching the polar bears and lions. Also in Kenya, I saw on 60 Minutes there is an elephant rescue shelter where you become an adoptive mother of a baby elephant. After seeing that segment I was ready to pack my bags and move there!

2.) New Zealand-Like Kelly, I would love to hike Milford Track. The people of this country seem to have an “Up for anything” attitude, which is very exciting when you are on vacation. It may not exist, but I would want to go paragliding through the countryside!

3.) Eastern Europe- I have no preference on where, I think I would be content with any small charming town with interesting architecture. Prague perhaps?…

4.) India- After hearing so many stories of how amazing this country is from Leslie it is a place I would really want to see.

5.)St. Lucia-I don’t know why in particular. I read an article about this Caribbean island and it looked like something I would go for. Since it is a volcanic island that little extra danger is all the more intriguing!

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