Bucket List

I got so excited about starting this quest of making it to 100 countries, that I started thinking of what’s on my bucket list. Of course I’d be down for going anywhere….I bet my mom would cringe if she read this (assuming she knew what a blog was) because she always thinks I’m going to be kidnapped and sold in a drug trafficing ring, but its true….I’ll go anywhere. Narrowing down my list is so hard… after thinking long and hard, what are my must travel to spots, you ask? If I were going to pick 5 places that I have to see, these would be it (my list as of today anyway, it could change at any moment);

1. India – I love how it seems like it would be an attack on all 5 senses. A completely new experience. I would want to buy spices at the market, and eat naan and dal until I couldn’t eat anymore. I just hope I don’t see someone pooping in the street….

2. New Zealand – In my head, I imagine Scott and I renting a VW bus (have no clue why that car, but it just seems like a fun and bubbly car that would fit in quite nicely there) and would drive all around both islands. I’d want to see where they filmed Lord of the Rings (nerd alert!!!!) because the scenery in those films are what got me interested in going there in the first place. I would love to hike Milford Track, which sounds right up our alleys, since they stop for afternoon tea and enjoy wine at the end of the day.

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3. Morocco – I want to go, and eat great cous-cous with my hands. I think I like it for similar reasons as India….it’s very vibrant.

4. Machu Picchu – Great history of an Incan Village that was built over 500 years ago. Plus beautiful views wouldn’t hurt.  

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5. South Africa – This country has everything I want in a vacation, a big city on the sea, great vineyards, and safaris. Best of all worlds if you ask me.

What’s on your bucket list? Are they places to go, festivals to go to? I’d love to know…and who knows, it could influence my list.


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