Viva La Jort!!

You know what really grinds my gears?…

Who are these guys who wear the ultra skinny jean? You know who I’m talking about. The ones where their jeans are so tight you can see everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! The ones who will wear deep “V” neck tees and like to show off their bad tattoos and Daddy issues. Recently, I was at a bar watching the World Cup final, (P.S. going to Africa is on my bucket list, but I digress) and a guy was free balling in the tightest jeans I have ever seen! I thought to myself, who is this hipster doofus and how did he wiggle into those tight jeans? Did he have to lay down on the bed in order to get the zipper up with a clothes hanger? Doesn’t he know it is 90 degrees outside? It made me think that if you choose to go out looking like a fool in this hot weather, shouldn’t these guys consider rocking the jort?

It seems like a better option for these type of men. Why would you want to cram your junk into a denim prison and run the risk of some serious swalls action in these hot summer months?(sweaty balls for those not in the know) It seems like it would be a liberating wardrobe choice for men, breezy and unbinding. If it’s good enough for the beloved Tobias Funke, who suffers from Nevernude Syndrome, it should be good enough for any mortal man. And there you have it, a minute with Lexie.

The man who started the jort craze, Tobias Funke

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